​The purpose of the Association shall be to stimulate improvement in the education of professional school personnel in Alabama

The objectives of the Association shall be:

To establish an effective voice for teacher education institutions in Alabama on matters of policy related to the education of professional school personnel.
To establish and effective system of communication with AACTE and other state associations.
To provide a vehicle for teacher education institutions within Alabama: 
To assist the national organization (AACTE) in developing and defining positions on issues of importance to teacher education. 
To assist the national organization (AACTE) in coalescing support for national educational policy and activity.
To provide for the interaction of ALACTE member institutions among themselves and with other organizations for the purpose of improving teacher education.
To stimulate and facilitate research, experimentation, and evaluation in teacher education; to serve as a clearinghouse for research reports and information; and to publicize the findings of studies which have significance for teacher education.

President: Kathy Chandler, University of West Alabama,  (Oct. '14 - July '16)
President-Elect: Anna McEwen, Montevallo  ((Oct. '14 - July '16)
Secretary: Lou Anne Worthington, UAB (Oct. '14 - July '16)
Treasurer: Rhonda Morton, AUM (Oct. '14 - July '16)
Past President: John Hammett, Jacksonville State  University (Oct. '12 - July '14)
Board Member: Carlton Morris Tuskegee University (Oct. '12 - July '14)
Board Member: Richard Hayes,  University of South Alabama (Oct. '11 - July '15
Board Member: Susan Villaume, Auburn University (Oct. '12 - July '16)
Board Member: Sheila Austin, AUM(Oct. '14 - July '16)

 Alabama Association of Colleges for
 Teacher Education